Lisa Langlois dit Lachapelle
​​                                         spiritualist & composer of words
At times when souls greet it is only for that reason, to say hello then good-bye ...and hello again.                                                        Greetings

"The only other experience I had with the subject of your book was watching the TV show "Medium." Your writing is similar to James Joyce's in that like Mr. Joyce (who I consider the most important writer of the 20th century) you both write in a style called "stream of consciousness." In all honesty, I picked-up your book in the hope of getting back some "religion." Your book was a first but major step in that direction. At times while reading it I felt as though I was experiencing "God" for the first time in a long time. Thank You." J.Scuito
Lisa is one of three Canadian women included in One Truth Many Voices, by Sony Mervin            
​(About  Satsang With 108 Living Gurus).
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      Published Works

  • Small Tales and Visits to Heaven xi Edition, Novel, 2023
  • Highland Park Press Muses Gallery and Literary Journal, Poetry, Summer and Winter editions 2023
  • ​​Writers International Through Sarnia, Vision 20/20 Anthology, Poetry, 2023
  • Writers International Through Sarnia, Short Story Fiction Anthology, pending 2024
  • ​​Poetry I Book: A Spiritual Collection of 107 poems, 2018

  • Poetry II Book: Poems on Love Chapbook, 30 poems, 2022
  • Poetry III Book: Of Light & Sound, 50 poems, 2022​​
  • Poetry IV Book: This is the Story of Kryptonite Rose, Single 20 page poem, Ballad, chapbook, 2022
  • ​Poetry V Book: ​Ricochets Between the Freedom Chains, 64 Poems 2023
  • Life's Highway, Co-Writer for: Biography of Joan Spalding, Nashville Recording Artist & Canadian Country Musician 2022
  • Poets Are Heroes Magazine, Realistic Poetry International 2019
  • Library of Congress World Poetry Movement: Great Poets Across America 2012. Who's Who in International Poetry 2012. Great Poems and Poets 2013. Individual poem in each collection.
Thy Wings

​​​No daylight fold thy wings 
To see what Heaven brings
No night's sky in dark good-bye
Perfect in rhythm
Minds triumph as they should​

Peaceful is harmony at the half-way lit
Solemn in trust bear no mark
Au beauteous moment
How I wish I could sing to thee
And restore the depleted
Never defeated ...

...more inside the book: Poems I A  Spiritual Collectio
             In USA and UK 
Lisa is devoted to the arts. She is a post-modern guru and mystic. Spiritual advice, Author & Poet.
Life's Highway Biography of Joan Spalding Country Musician & Recording Artist by Joan Spalding and Co-Author Lisa Lachapelle​
Lisa Lachapelle (dit Langlois), a solo artist with a decade of experience, crafts narratives that resonate on multiple levels. Specializing in genres from Poetry, Fiction, to Spiritual, her work is a blend of drama, humor, and human nature with a touch of boho. Every word is carefully chosen to enlighten the everyday, making her work a unique experience for readers who appreciate depth and diversity in literature.  Alignable
"You are a true poet with amazing phrase and word usage...compels me to want more." Scott Wade

"Beautifully written!"​ Tiffany Gordon

"Beautiful" Melissa Ingoldsby

"...your beautiful poem, it flows so nicely​​​​​." J Christiansen

""Such a beautiful poem with an interesting idea and message." J. Mason​​